Short-Term Rehabilitation

Services to meet your individual needs

Post-acute rehabilitation services are available when your loved one no longer requires a hospital but is not yet ready to go home. We are dedicated to returning your loved one to health. Our outcome-oriented rehabilitation therapy programs help rebuild strength and regain the functionality and mobility your loved one needs to return home.

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Respiratory care helps our patients overcome breathing problems that could result from chronic conditions or after accidents, heart attacks, or strokes. Our stroke recovery, cardiac treatment, and cardiopulmonary care will make it easier for your loved one to manage their everyday routine and return to the activities they enjoy.

Athens Health & Rehabilitation Center provides comprehensive rehabilitation and personalized care plans to assist you with a speedy recovery.

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Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy

Our physical therapy program can help the one your love regain the highest levels of mobility and functionality to return to independent living. Our speech therapists will help our residents overcome language issues and regain communication skills. The expert team of professionals at Athens Health & Rehabilitation Center will custom-tailor individualized treatment programs.

Our restorative therapy helps increase the chances of a full recovery after surgery or an accident. Postoperative rehabilitation assists in regaining strength while guiding you back to regular life. With licensed PT and OT on staff, Athens Health & Rehabilitation Center helps you or your loved one recover as quickly as possible.

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